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Junior Club & Youth Club

                                                                                YOUTH CLUB

Young people need a wide range of provision to meet their social, emotional, psychological and educational needs. Recreational, bespoke , educational and accredited programmes  reduce the isolation that disadvantage young people face by introducing them to youth provision services at a time when they are most in need. By educating young people we can integrate them into the local community in a positive way. We improve young people's self esteem and help build their confidence levels. 

Our youth work staff are well trained and are competent to deliver information across a wide range of issues that young people  face, PYP  staff are equipped and qualified to offer information advice and guidance on issues such as sexual health and relationships, drug and alcohol awareness, smoking, training and employment opportunities.  When a need is identified an appropriate course of action is discussed with and agreed by the young person. Staff have the skills to refer or signpost young people to more specialist support in instances when there is insufficient expertise or knowledge within the staff team, however ongoing support is always offered. We have detailed information of additional specialist agencies to ensure the young people receive the appropriate level of intervention. In the past we have utilised the services of YDAP, Sunderland Counselling Services, MESMAC, GUM clinic, Smoking Cessation. We always provide recreational and educational activities and our programmes are designed in consultation with young people. The youth club sessions are for young people aged 10-19 years. We deliver a Good Vibes youth work session every week in partnership with the All Together Sunderland Consortium which has a young person's counsellor at hand to offer counselling to any young people who may need it without waiting lists.

(Good Vibes) 

The overarching impact of Good Vibes is to improve the mental health of young people together with the understanding of mental wellbeing across Sunderland. The project will leave a lasting legacy through the training of youth staff who have a wide reach across the City, delivering a range of interventions which will be measured by a variety of tools employed to track changes. The project will develop young people’s confidence to consider and or take up new opportunities, acquire new skills and techniques for identifying and handling changes in their emotions, and young people will report improved relationships with family members or peers. Young people will report feeling able to be themselves in groups and forge relationships with others Young people’s attitudes will be challenged and change when young people come to realise with the realisation that ‘everyone has mental health’ and grasp the relevance to themselves as well as understanding that there is less difference between those who are ‘well’ and those who are ‘unwell’.


Junior Club is for young people aged 8-10 years old, it currently runs every Thursday 3:15pm-4:45pm. In the Junior Club we create a safe space where children can play and interact with the environment and others. We want our children to be inquisitive and develop a questioning relationship within their learning about themselves, their community, their world and others. We provide interventions that enable children and young people to extend their play so they can experiment, explore, and test themselves physically and emotionally within a secure learning and  social environment.


We provide recreational activities such as, cooking, pool competitions, crafts, table tennis tournaments, music sessions and life skills sessions, health, citizenship and much more.

Our junior club  aims to:

1) Increase friendships.

2) Increase young people's skills (communication).

3) Increase young people's self esteem.


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