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Project Aims & Ambitions

We aim to:

  • Deliver services to increase the employability of young disadvantaged people.

  • Encourage young people to become more independent, improve their self-esteem and confidence.

  • Support young people and their families by providing information and programmes that will allow them easy access to services and training.

  • Combat anti-social behaviour through learning life-skills, personal development and additional training activities.

  • Offer services to the local community that improve the health, well-being, social and economic position of local residents

Our Ambitions are:

  • Become a formal registered project that can offer work based placements to young people and adults in our community so they can gain work experience. These placements can be in various different sections of PYP, we also plan to begin working in partnership with all of our local centres and shops e.g. Asda, Iceland, Greggs so people on placements can gain retail experience. We know from experience that a lot of our community members and users have gained full time employment after volunteering placements in PYP.


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